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Use Fear As A Motivator

Ever hear how people who are in dangerous situations feel like they can run faster and longer, jump higher, or somehow have super-human strength? While one factor involved is adrenaline another important fear is your motivatorfactor is fear.

Fear can be one of the strongest motivators we have at our disposal. Fear of health repercussions can lead you to change your lifestyle, fear of failure can push you to complete difficult tasks that you would otherwise abandon, and fear of financial ruin can motivate you as an entrepreneur to do whatever it takes to ensure your investment provides returns.

When I look at the most successful entrepreneurs and their paths to attain that success, I notice a common theme: they risked something in order to gain their success, and the risk is most often financial. The fear of losing your investment, of not being able to pay your rent, of wasting your hard earned dollars, is a strong motivator to ensure that you will do whatever it takes to ensure the success of a project or your goals. Putting your money toward your goals commits you to seeing them through in a way few other things can. When you invest everything you have in a project, its success is no longer a convenience or an added benefit. It is now a necessity, and that’s when  you are more likely to make it work, because you need it to. If you are committed to your entrepreneurial success, put your money where your mouth is.


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