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Quincy Obina Amarikwa

Quincy Amarikwa is the first player in MLS history to launch a Blog and influential sketch comedy show #QuincyTime in 2013. The Life Of A Pro Vlog series, LIG private financial literacy and investment group alongside Marc Pelosi, and “The Chip” Goal seen around the world in 2016. In 2019 Amarikwa launched The #AskASoccerPro and The Perfect Soccer Podcast which together have over 250+ episodes to date. In 2020 alongside Sirena Amarikwa established the #AmarikwaAcres farm while becoming the 1st pro athlete to mint a NFT project, #Frequincy

When not on the soccer field, UC Davis Hall Of Fame member and MLS Cup Champion Amarikwa invests in furthering his philanthropic, educational, and entrepreneurial ventures. The US Soccer Federation Licensed Coach Amarikwa’s mission is to use soccer as a vehicle to create over 1 Billion self-disciplined, self-sufficient, focused, goal-oriented individuals. Through his culture coaching and hosting the #AskASoccerPro Show, Amarikwa has created a new generation of soccerpreneurs.

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