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Quincy Amarikwa is the first player in MLS history to launch a Blog and influential sketch comedy show #QuincyTime in 2013. The Life Of A Pro Vlog series, LIG private financial literacy and investment group alongside Marc Pelosi, and “The Chip” Goal seen around the world in 2016. In 2019 Amarikwa launched The #AskASoccerPro and The Perfect Soccer Podcast which together have over 250+ episodes to date. And in 2020 alongside Sirena Amarikwa established the #AmarikwaAcres farm while becoming the 1st pro athlete to mint a NFT project, #Frequincy. 

Respect The Hustle: Goals Only Part Of Entrepreneur Quincy Amarikwa’s Game🪬

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#AskASoccerPro Show

On the show, Quincy breaks down his patented 3 S’s Of Self Awareness philosophy and methodology used to create the Mental Strength League (MSL) culture. He shares tips on how to master your mentality and become the best version of yourself you choose to be.

Life Of A Pro


Amarikwa Philanthropy

Quincy Amarikwa has always had a knack for building teams and turning what he loves into a purpose-driven, profitable endeavor.

When Quincy isn’t on the field he’s working to further his philanthropic goals. Most notable in his current efforts through the Amarikwa Family Foundation and Limb Care Foundation as well as Founding Black Players For Change (BPC) where he spent the majority of his time consulting the organization’s Executive Board members, fundraising, and leading as it’s former Executive Director and Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Some partnerships to date:

Players Coalition, ADIDAS, U.S. Soccer Foundation, Musco Lighting, New York Red Bulls, Black Women’s Player Collective, New York City FC, Major League Soccer Players Association, Major League Soccer, Participation Trophy, Captain Morgan, Etihad Airways,, Mayor’s Fund, RAVE Foundation with Sounders FC and Sneaky Fox FC among others.

He also served as an inaugural member of the Major League Soccer DE&I Committee and is currently an advisor to the Limb Care Foundation and One Soccer Nation Board, overseeing fundraising and business operations.

Amarikwa’s primary focus has been teaching those open to learning, how to build and maintain a winning mindset. Amarikwa has maximized his platform as a professional soccer player to establish a long-term positive impact on the next generation while sharing his unique perspective (Radical Transparency) with a wider audience.

Mentality Training

Amarikwa has been working alongside players to help them be their best mentally both on and off the field. He’s excited to continue to see the number of players who value the mental aspect of the game grow with each passing week!

Some past show guests:

  • Wayne Rooney– Wayne joined the #AskASoccerPro Show ep. 66 to talk about his mentality and what he learned during his tenure in the MLS.
  • Earl Edwards Jr. – Earl joined the #AskASoccerPro Show ep. 56 and 79 to talk about how to build relationships and not be selfish.
  • Chris Durkin– Durkin joined the #AskASoccerPro Show ep. 34 to talk about his mentality and how to deal with the haters.
  • Griffin Yow – Griff joined the #AskASoccerPro Show ep. 29 to talk about his mentality and what it was like signing a professional contract at the age of 16.
  • Other show guest include: Sam Mewis, Sean Johnson, Sanya Richards-Ross, Imani Dorsey, Bacary Sagna, Bradley Wright-Phillips, Alexi Lalas, Akeem Ward, Ross LaBauex, Ryan Masch, Justin Morrow, Mike Magee, Ben Olsen, Pablo Mastroeni and Kevin Paredes among others!
  • With over 150+ episodes to date and counting. You can rewatch/listen to all episodes over in the Perfect Soccer Team Members Area:

UC Davis HOF:

In 2019 Quincy was inducted into the U.C. Davis Hall Of Fame

Public Speaking:

Quincy breaks down his designed thinking 3 S’s of Self Awareness methodology live at Bill Hamid’s soccer camp.

If you’re interested in working with Quincy or having him speak to your group, please send an email to:


Quincy also writes and shares several newsletters including his investment and financial literacy experiences, addressing submitted topics, and sharing his own experience moving through the process of building a business and navigating the professional soccer world on and off the field.

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Amarikwa has always been drawn to figuring out how any system he was introduced worked on a fundamental level. Amarikwa would then spend his free time thinking through how to reverse-engineer and optimize these systems. Once completed he would then invest his time in rebuilding these systems while doing his best to address and fix any faults or issues he discovered along the way. Much of his drive in thinking this way were complements of his time spent speaking with his electrical engineering father!

By seventeen, while attending college and studying pre med at University California Davis, Amarikwa discovered eBay and Amazon. This is where his business endeavors began to flourish. He started out as a reseller of everything you could think of, developing a deep knowledge of varying markets, industries and niches.

It was through this time that Amarikwa really developed his laser-beam focus on integrity and honesty in doing the job right the first time and overdelivering value to his customers and business associates.

While studying and playing soccer for the UC Davis Division I Men’s Soccer team, Amarikwa had demonstrated his elite soccer abilities and was drafted to the San Jose Earthquakes in 2009.

Over time, Amarikwa realized he wasn’t going to make the money he needed to from playing professional soccer to solve the problems he had set out to tackle; so he began to look for a new business venture to develop into something that could accomplish his bigger picture goals.

Come 2010 Amarikwa discovered and began investing in Bitcoin. During this time while playing for the Colorado Rapids, he officially launched Perfect Soccer with his teammate and NCAA Champion Ross LaBauex.

Amarikwa went on to self teach; affiliate marketing, paid advertising, sales funnels, branding, accounting, social media, public speaking, player representation, team building, video editing, music production, contact negotiation, podcast creation, website creation, email marketing, manufacturing, project management, publishing, wealth management, VC, among many other skills sets necessary to build, grow and maintain a profitable business in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Eventually pulling all of that knowledge and experience into starting his marketing company and since then along with his wife, Sirena Amarikwa have launched a Brand Representation & Management Agency EVLV.Online and Web3 Research and Education platform (Web 2.5)

Amarikwa is more resolved now than ever to bring the mentality and systems he’s learned and developed over the last twenty-five + years and help those that want to help improve themselves.

Amarikwa’s focus has been to utilize his attention as a pro soccer player to create opportunities to help others pursue and achieve their dreams.

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