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It’s Been A While, But I’m Back!

Hey everyone, Quincy here!

It’s been a good bit since I’ve written anything here. I’m happy to be back though, and can’t wait to share some updates with you!

What have I been up to? I’m about to get to that, but mainly, it’s taken me quite some time, effort, and a decent amount of money to finally put all proper pieces in place so that I can get back to writing and sharing my thoughts, ideas, systems, and processes with you.

So here’s what’s new!

Personal Updates

It’s been quite the week on my end. We’re officially in the postseason and the transfer rumors are swirling! I even woke up one morning to hear I had signed with Nashville SC.

SPOILER: I haven’t signed with a new club yet, but I’m open to offers!

I’m a little late in announcing, but we had our second son, Lord Ezenwa Amarikwa, a little over 5 months ago. His older brother, Sir, is already showing him the MSL ropes…

On the Business Side

My wife, Sirena, and I have been hiring new team members to help us continue to manage and grow the Perfect Soccer brand, as well as our marketing company and other side projects…

…I hadn’t mentioned before but I’m now a sitting member of the board of advisors for the publicly-traded company Social Life Network.

We (myself and my team) have also been commissioned to grow and manage the FutPost brand as a result of our efforts to date.

What’s New At Perfect Soccer?

I’m excited to share that we’ve recently added Sarah Kallassy (General Managing Editor) and Paul Guarino (General Managing Audio Engineer) to the Perfect Soccer Team!

Sarah is the one helping me to better organize, edit, and publish all of the written content on the Perfect Soccer and Quincy Amarikwa websites and newsletters.

We’ve also just recently launched our Be PRO by Perfect Soccer division, where we provide 1-on-1 online soccer mentorship and in-person individual training sessions. Ryan Mash (Be PRO General Manager) is leading the charge with all of that and I’m excited about how all of that is coming together!

We’ve updated our Perfect Soccer Team Members Area.  Which now gives anyone (players, parents and coaches) looking to up their skills and soccer I.Q. all the FREE tools and resources to do so. 

Our influencer program for Perfect Soccer is up and fully running. Thanks to Sirena Amarikwa (COO) We’ve brought on 60 influencers to date and adding more monthly!

The Perfect Soccer equipment and apparel store is live! With our Perfect Soccer Balls, 2in1 portable goals MSL merch and more products now being added monthly. With Sirena leading our soccer apparel division and Haley Amarikwa (Amazon General Manager) leading our soccer training equipment division.

Katie Niday (Executive Assistant) has been head of launching the #AskASoccerPro Show, where I (Quincy) go live every Thursday at 6 pm PST 9 pm EST to break down and discuss the #MSL and implementing the AMARIKWA PROCESS.

Ross LaBauex (Content Creator) and Todor Todorovski (Lead Video Editing Director) have created our In-Depth with Ross, Tactical Tuesdays, 1Skill 1Drill, and Fitness Fridays episodes which publish to the Perfect Soccer YouTube channel daily. Ross also goes live daily on the @Perfect_Soccer Instagram Account to answer any and all of your questions.

We’ve updated our online soccer video training center Perfect Soccer Skills Academy for those who are looking for a virtual version of a private coaching training session with Ross and myself.

Eric Weber (Chief of Design) has been creating illustrations and designs representing the brand on and offline! And Konica Munia Keya and Mukta Akter together have been executing on our social media growth strategies and data entry needs for over a year and a half now!

I’m proud of my team and to share what we’ve been working hard to build and I’m excited to share that there is more to come!

As you can see, there’s been a lot of growth these past few years and it’s been in great part to the awesome team we’ve been building and their commitment to consistent small improvements each and every day!

This Week’s Videos, Articles, Social Media Content, and More



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Social Media

Check out this thread…

From the Fans

“If you left, I think they’d take it worse than Rooney leaving…”

“This gained more traction than anticipated on IG so I figured I’d share to soccer twitter as well…”

“Don’t know if you’ll be back next year but it’s been awesome seeing you play for DC…”

As you can see, I’m excited to share some of the new content I’ve been working on. Check out the replays and highlight clips of the #AskASoccerPro Show – and make sure to join me LIVE every Thursday at 6 pm PST/ 9 pm EST for your chance to have your questions answered directly by me!

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Looking forward to sharing more with you soon,

Quincy ?????


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