Self-Awareness: The Winner’s Game

Mar 25, 2014

overcome obstacles thought self awarenessWhen you think of the life you want, what do you see? Do you see certain career attainment, financial stability, travel, setting your own schedule? Now, what steps do you imagine yourself taking to ensure that you arrive at that destination. What obstacles you imagine getting in the way on your path to success? Continue Reading

Do You Believe What’s Not True?

Mar 18, 2014

Do you believe what’s not true? No? Well, maybe you should…..

So, I’m on many different fellow marketers and entrepreneurs lists, and I happened to receive an email from a smart man by the name of Mark Manson. He sent me a message for which he spoke on a concept I’ve tried to explain to others, which he’s so eloquently coined:  Continue Reading

Thoughts From A Train Ride – Entrepreneurship

Mar 7, 2014

So, I’m currently on the train heading to my stop in Glendale. One of my good college friends is picking me up and we plan to have an “epic weekend”.

If opportunity doesn't knockI’ve been actively working to bring to fruition all these great ideas I have that can help anyone and everyone who’s interested in achieving more than just their current situation. Continue Reading

You Will FAIL

Mar 4, 2014

You will fail Yes, that title is blunt. But it’s true. You will fail to have the future you dreamed of. Whether that’s landing that great job you’ve always wanted, or getting that amazing business idea you have off the ground to follow your real life’s passion and become what you truly desire in life. You wont succeed. You won’t end up where you envisioned. You will fail and I know exactly why. Continue Reading

Passion Is Your Privilege

Mar 4, 2014

Passion is you Privilege I realize that many people in this world do not have the opportunity to do what they love. The pursuit of your passion is truly a privilege, and one that I will most definitely not take for granted anymore. Continue Reading